Just look at those stats! St. Albans hadn’t lost a match in four years, but last Saturday their run finally came to an end. The Pascoe Vale Girls ran their legs off, and despite a fast finish with the wind, St. Albans fell short. That “E. Harris” is a bit of a talent too 😉

Hugh Riminton gets upstaged

One of those “see it but don’t believe it” moments on 6pm with George Negus. Hugh Riminton starts his presentation from Washington when a dog cruises by in the background… on a skateboard! The rest of the family looked at me like I was crazy, but I wasn’t the only one to see it!

the mighty magpie

This is my mate Harry. I meet him on the way home sometimes. Sometimes he surprises me, but tonight I saw him ‘interacting’ with someone ahead of me, so I was ready – even had time to get the iPhone out and ready in movie mode! I love magpies. The football team and the birds! …

father and son

Lance Armstrong’s steely glare might not be seen on Le Tour again, but any aspiring cyclists should beware that he’s passed it on to someone else… Saw this photo (right) of Lance and his son Max on the Livestrong website, and was immediately reminded of the celebrated Armstrong ‘look’*. Peas in a pod eh?