all that water

When it comes to big events like the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria, it’s information overload. The news organisation love it, broadcasting incessantly and devoting great slabs of print to it. I don’t want to add to that, so this post is just a scrapbook of, for me, the most striking images. These are all aerial photographs from Nearmap, if you click, you’ll go to the ‘wet’ image on nearmap. Incredible stuff.

1. Disappearing house

a house vanishes underwater

2. Having a cow of a day

there's a cow on my roof

3. There’s a caravan in our tree

caravan in the tree

4. Rearranging the riverside

riverside mayhem

5. Backyard salvage by canoe

back yard salvage by canoe

6. Where did you park the digger?

submerged digger

…and that’s not all

More amazing sights are being found every day by nearmap forum members.
loungeing around two men in a (spa) tubSS bathtub