where was their spirit of adventure?

One of the fascinating things about Google’s Street View coverage of Australia is the amazingly out of the way places they got to. I love this aspect – dirt roads that wind along in the back blocks of the never never. Anyway, I was panning around the Gulf Country of far north Queensland when I …

Domain – first to market with Street View?

Checking my moderation queue, and noticed a comment on yesterday’s street view post, that seems to be from someone on the Domain team. I didn’t see the comment until this morning, but I did receive an announcement email from Domain yesterday and was mightily impressed with their use of streetview. Obviously, they’ve had access to …

Ballina’s last resort

Well here I am at Ballina Beach Resort, the venue for Ausweb08 – one of the world’s oldest internet based conferences. It doesn’t have the cachet of the newcomers like Web Directions, but it still attracts some good thinkers and some interesting topics. One of the features of this conference, however, is that it is …

not same same

It’s a long way from Chiang Mai to the island of Ko Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand. We’re 9 degrees from the equator – roughly the same as the tip of Cape York, but along with all the differences there are all the similarities.

Tuk-Tuk No.73

After our experiences with the demon tuk-tuk drivers of Bangkok, we were more than a little cautious about engaging the services of them again in Chiang Mai. So, when we needed a hand getting around and the first driver quoted us 100B, we moved on to look for other options.