Apple’s iTunes rip-off

I remember waiting with huge anticipation for Apple to launch iTunes in Australia – the rumours got thicker and faster until it finally arrived. The store finally launched with tracks selling at $1.69 each.

At the time, as I recall, the aussie dollar was about $us0.65¢ so we were effectively paying about $us1.10 while the US pricing was only $us0.99¢ – that seemed a little unfair at the time, but no-one seemed too fussed.

Roll forward to today: the aussie dollar is sitting on $us0.95¢, but tracks are still the same price, which means we’re actually paying a little over $us 1.60 per track! That’s quite a bit more than our US counterparts – certainly enough to make most CDs better value.

With the parlous state of the US economy and their sliding dollar, I’m sure we’re not the only market where iTunes is starting to look expensive.

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  1. Just try buying a Macintosh! MacBook pro, $2000 US or $2700 AU. 10% for GST I can handle, but even that would only take it to $2200. Somehow the Australian price is 135% of the US price, all for the privilege of buying it off Apple Australia!

  2. You’re right — i often feel this anxiety with US-based companies, seems they are still using exchange rates from five years ago (the same problem occurs with Apple computers too)…

    …perhaps there is some glimmer of hope that iTunes are actually paying more to the artist for tracks sold in AU instead of skimming the top for themselves? but i doubt it.

    you’ve gotta love iTunes Plus though.

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