google censorship, national security & pepsi

Like most google map watchers, I’ve heard the debates about censorship on Google Maps. Pressure from governments, back room deals, conspiracy theories… it all gets a good workout on the forums, lists and blogs. Until now, the common theme has always been national security… mostly defence installations.
Pepsi HeadquartersNow, it seems that money buys you anonymity. Or maybe Pepsi is really just a front for a chemical weapons factory… whatever, the reason, there is a neat square of blurred imagery (looks like photoshop’s ‘pallete knife’ is the filter of choice) in among photos of excellent quality, and that square obscures the headquarters of PepsiCo. Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Maybe the evil black fizzy stuff dissolved a hole in the lens.

    Looking at where Pepsi is made is like looking at where sausages are made — except I like sausages

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