Petrol to hit $25/litre!

Humber Super SnipeI remember in the early 70’s when the world was experiencing it’s first “Oil Shock”. Cruising along, dad at the wheel of the old Humber Super Snipe (kewl eh?) when the interviewee on the radio made the dire prediction that petrol would get to $1 a gallon. (Yes, it was definitly gallons, the ‘metrication’ program ran from 1960 to 1988).

My memory says we were paying about 40c/gallon (about 9c/litre) at the time. The predictions, equivalent to 22c/l., were exceeded within 5 years.

petrol at $1.48.5Well, last week the predictions were for $1.50/litre and sure enough, today I was filling up at $1.48.5. It won’t be long! Fortunately for me, the tank on my little CB250 could only hold 12.5 l. so I’m still only using 4 l./100km. I can see the current scooter craze is only going to strengthen in the coming years.

So, what about the future? I can’t see the rate of increase slowing – carbon taxes and dwindling resources will almost certainly see it increase, but for arguments sake, lets assume a constant figure. My youngest child is now about the same age I was then, so it’s a given that by the time she’s my age she’ll be paying at least $25/litre for petrol.

I think I’ll walk!