drops of kindness

My helmet, not full of waterHasn’t rained much in Melbourne lately, so when I parked my bike yesterday I made the classic mistake of leaving my helmet open to the elements like some big bucket. Of course, it poured!

However, when I got back to the bike I found that some wonderful passer-by had spotted the potential problem and used an officeworks plastic bag to waterproof my helmet.
Fantastic, eh?

Whoever you are, thank you and may karma be with you.

One reply on “drops of kindness”

  1. Amazing! I’ll never leave my helmet on my bike regardless of weather.

    One acquaintance had his cut off and stolen by some idiot, an expensive loss. Another friend came back to his bike and found an up-ended chocolate milk inside the helmet. Worst of all, I came out of a pub one night to watch a complete staggering drunk drop his pants and piss into a helmet on someone’s bike.

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