there’s nothing right about this

The news is making me sad. Rockets launched, bombs dropped. So called leaders standing up in front of cameras spouting pointless rhetoric.

There is no easy answer. I’m not going to venture into who is right or wrong, because when it comes down to killing and injuring children, smashing people’s peaceful lives apart, destroying beautiful countries – there is no right.

Take a few minutes to visit flickr – look up photos tagged with lebanon, then look up photos of Israel. In both cases you’ll see people sharing moments with families, proudly holding babies, protesting against war, enjoying the beauty that surrounds them. Next, get yourself a copy of Google Earth, then use this kml file to zoom in on the mountains in northern Lebanon and scroll slowly south down to the coast, cross into Israel and continue down the coast or the mountains. In fact, enhance the experience – turn off ‘Borders’ so you don’t know when you’ve crossed into Israel, because that’s how it looks best. I have to admit, I didn’t know Lebanon had ski fields and such incredibly beautiful rural areas. There are plenty of things I didn’t know about Israel either.

Once you’ve seen the photos and ‘flown’ over the countries, I’m sure you’ll be sad too. Nobody deserves a war.