China is our friend…

Lucky really, with the Olympics and all, China is really becoming part of the world community. I’m glad they no longer seem as willing to expand their borders through military means. Hang on a minute, what’s this?

Aksai Chin is a region between India and China and is one of the main areas of dispute between the two countries. This hasn’t spilled over into significant action since 1962, but recently a German Google Earth user ‘KenGrok’ spotted an amazing scale model of the region tucked away in what looks like a military base in northern China.

Most agree, it’s unlikely to be related to any direct military plans, but it’s sure unsettling, and great fodder for the conspiracy theorists.

Check out this Google Earth (kmz) I’ve created which overlays the two areas for (startling) comparison.

Now, I wonder where their scale models of Taiwan are 🙂