where was their spirit of adventure?

One of the fascinating things about Google’s Street View coverage of Australia is the amazingly out of the way places they got to. I love this aspect – dirt roads that wind along in the back blocks of the never never.

Anyway, I was panning around the Gulf Country of far north Queensland when I noticed the blue line didn’t go all the way to Normanton. Odd – so I dropped the little yellow guy as close as I could to the end of the line and saw in the distance what looked like… yes, I think it is… water! Ha! that’s the Gulf Country for you.

Burke development road

No wonder they never got to Normanton 🙂

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  1. OK, closer to home: why didn’t they do Terrys Avenue, Belgrave? Too steep for the Googlemobile?

    Actually, Streetview gets very out-of-whack with both map and satellite once it gets up into them thar hills…

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