Around about Google Maps

Been a long time since I had a whine about Google Maps, but lately I’ve been noticing some serious issues with directions when I’m out in the country. The worst instances have seen me end up five kilometres away from my intended destination.

Back when Google Maps was new, you couldn’t really trust it, so I developed a habit of checking the suggested directions before starting off. The service improved over time to the point that I’d got used to just trusting it. Now, I’m losing that trust again. Take this example the other day.

I had decided to stop a little short of my final destination, just a few hundred metres down the road, but I noticed that Google had other ideas.

Here, the app is suggesting I take a closed, private road a distance ten times longer than required.

In fact, more than closed, I know it’s impassable in one section – just grassy paddocks, because about 12 months ago, it tried to send me down there in the opposite direction!

Now, once upon a time, you’d take the good with the bad, and accept that there was room for improvement, but these days we expect better.