a blockage in the tubes

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets frustrated by slow loading web pages. I don’t mean the consistently slow ones from low budget sites, but pages that load quickly for a bit, then practically stop for a while – sometimes a looong while!, then maybe resume and finish. Pages from prominent, high budget sites that should do better.

This morning I noticed the BBC site was at a crawl, and I saw in the status bar that it seemed to be waiting on assets from ‘secure-au.imrworldwide.com’, I waited some time (a minute!) – don’t know if it got what it wanted but my page never loaded and I gave up. Then I got to thinking i’d seen that URL before, so I started looking around. Sure enough The Age, News, NineMSN, Channel Ten – all huge budget media sites are stalling as well – and all are stalling on the same URL.

Today was just one I happened to follow up, but I’ve seen this before. Makes me wonder what this site serves and, given it’s pervasive nature, just who is behind it, and what do they know about us. Loading the URL didn’t do me any good…

imrwordwide not found!

So, who are these people blocking the tubes? Check out all the negative press you can find with a google search.