great service #4

I’m an impulse online shopper and there are a few sites that fill my needs just nicely. A couple of these sites offer special deals every day, and one of them is Zazz. Cool as many of the items are, I only made my first purchase on Zazz a couple of weeks back. Including postage, it was only $20, what could I lose?

Well, as it happens, the goods were disappointing. Maybe I was unlucky, maybe they were just plain dodgy, but I emailed Zazz to ask for their advice. Straight away I get an email back – a return authorisation number, even an address label to print out. It was quick – the communication was excellent, no doubts, no difficulties. Within days, the refund was back in my paypal account.

For online purchases, it is absolutely vital that you can trust the vendor. Experiences like this show that you can definitely trust Zazz. Great work guys! I’m still watching your site for my next purchase!