That’s what she said! boring!!

It had been a long time since I’d updated my blog design, it wasn’t bad, but it was old and I was kinda sick of it. I wanted something really clean and uncluttered, with plenty of space and better typography.

Also, in the years since I’d built my old theme along came the sandbox theme, surely one of the plainest and most unassuming looking themes you’ll ever see, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep. Where sandbox really shines is under the hood, the html output by sandbox is rich in smart stuff and although my new design doesn’t really take much advantage of the smart stuff, it makes me feel a little better just to know it’s there. Not only that, but at any time, if I’m getting a bit sick of how it looks, I can just swap my css and it magically transforms.

So, with all the magic that sandbox offers, what did I get up to? Not much yet, apart from the basic design you’re looking at now, there is a rotating bank of 31 header images based on the day of the month. So, to see them all you’re either going to have to check back each day for a month or do some digging around in the code. I still have some other ideas, and there are aspects I’m not happy with, so I’ll be making some minor changes now and then.

… but what about this boring comment? Well, that was Rachel, I was so pleased with my final result that I called her over to show her. She thinks it looks like a news site! 🙁