a change of climate in the party

What are they thinking? The libs have effectively just effectively voted against the ETS by electing the rabid Tony Abbott as their leader. If the government goes to an election on this, all indications are that there will be about half a dozen libs left in parliament – and probably no nats!

You’d think I’d be celebrating – I’m not a Liberal supporter – but I think the saddest thing about this whole saga, ETS included, is that regardless of whether you believe in climate change, or man’s contribution to it, or any other of the sundry side-issues involved here, the bottom line is that it is not a good idea to dig stuff up and use it like there is no tomorrow. Let me put it like this:

You are standing at the edge of a desert of unknown size. You need to walk to the other side of this desert. You have enough water for some days, but there is none in the desert. Do you drink all the water on the first day? No, that would be stupid and an almost certain path to death.

So here we are, a day into the desert, at the leading edge of the future. We have no idea how far we can go, but we’re using our resources at a rate that will see us in difficulty before too long. Is that smart? No, even climate change sceptics can’t believe that is smart. Things have to change – rapidly!

And the politicians are leading us! Is that smart?

If the Liberal’s leadership stupidity leads to a federal election, lets make sure we remind the pollies of both parties know who’s really running this country.