Flame wars…

It has been a tragic week in Victoria. Tears well up and my throat tightens when I listen to, or read of the trauma that people have been through. It’s heartening to see so many people pull together in times of greatest need. If you haven’t already – do get over to the Red Cross website and make a donation.

Of course, even before the fires have even been extinguished and the cleanup begins, the recriminations have started. The finger will be pointed at government, authorities, even the CFA – there are no winners. It must be disheartening for those involved to see the energies wasted in bickering.

For totally unmatched levels of pathetic, warped, lunacy though, it’s hard to go past the proclamation by the leader of a fundamentalist church that this was the work of Satan, in retribution for Victoria’s passing of progressive abortion laws.

I don’t believe in god, but I do know many believers are good, well-meaning people. Pastor Nalliah and his views are another thing entirely. Curious that, as a vehement anti Islamist, his tirade brings to mind the recent publicity surrounding a radical Muslim cleric’s comments. Both are completely out of touch with society, sensibility and, needless to say, the basic teachings of their religions.

Most muslims backed quickly away from Samir Abu Hamza’s comments. Peter Costello and John Howard have, in the past been enthusiastic supporters of Pastor Nalliah – I see reports that Peter is disowning his former friend. I wonder what excuse Johnny would have come up with if we’d still cared about anything he said?