hot, ain’t it?

All of south eastern Australia is bracing for another day of 40°+, it’s not uncommon to have one or two days in a row, but four!?! I always remember the hot weather never started until school went back, but this is a bit over the top!

Thankfully, just two years back we installed air conditioning – we went for the evaporative style, partly because they allow you to keep the house open with a breeze, but mostly because they consume relatively little power. Still, we feel guilt. The evaporative units do use another precious resource: water. Not a great deal, but I think it’s enough to make Target 155 a little difficult.

Along with the traditional heatwave comes the record power consumption, which is yet another worry – I certainly hope we don’t end up with a blackout. It’s apparently due to load, not lack of capacity, but it always makes me wonder… these days that place the greatest load on the power grid would also be just brilliant for generating solar power. You’d think there would be some synergy there.

I have a better idea though – I think I should go back on holiday at Wilsons Prom where it climbed to just 20° at 5pm today. Take me back!