crisis, what crisis?

I am the only one that’s had enough of the ‘Economic Crisis’? It covers every newspaper and leads every bulletin. Apparently, it was caused by greedy people, but the general obsession with every rise and fall of ‘the market’ shows me we’ve learned nothing.

More than this though, it’s made me quite angry that this economic crunch has governments freely dipping into their pockets in a way that none have even considered in combating climate change. Yet, this economic ‘blip’ is nothing but a pimple compared to the problems we’ll face when crops fail and water becomes scarce.

I suppose I should take some small comfort from the fact that governments can act quickly and substantially when faced with a problem. However, I dread to think what sort of a crisis it will require before they seriously tackle climate change.

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  1. Not wanting to incite a further rant… but I have heard one or two politicians/commentators say words to the effect of ‘we can no longer afford to do anything about climate change, so you’re just going to have to live with the climate as it is/will be’. Scary.

    I suppose we’re luckier than most — our employment is reasonably secure, we’re moderately affluent and we’re not living under a sociopathic despot. The financial bust and the US election will pass. I’m hopeful that, late in January, there will be a collective sigh of relief among western nations as we realise things really weren’t that bad — and we can get on with tackling climate change with renewed vigor.

    Just call me Pollyanna 😉

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