hell on wheels

Another case of a driver attacking a cyclist with their vehicle… when you consider the number of deaths caused by vehicles compared to other better known ‘offensive weapons’ it is simply nothing short of attempted murder.

The latest report I heard was that police were seeking a late model ford with an EVK or EVQ number plate. What is it about ford? I mean, all generalisations are false, so I’m not pointing the finger at all ford drivers, but there seems to be something about the marque that attracts young men of questionable intellect. I don’t get anywhere near the same level of grief from holden hoons.

Just up the street from where I work is a ford dealership and workshop. I ride my bike past it almost every night and, while I’m cautious, I often see appalling behaviour from the drivers coming to or leaving the dealership. I wonder if the people who leave their cars for service are aware of the ‘testing’ the mechanics seem to do up and down the street? Curious that we don’t see the same behaviour from the Peugeot dealership next door.

I also ride a motorbike, so I’ve got a natural streak of suspicion about Volvos. It’s an old cliche, but I have to say, times have changed (or maybe I have), but Volvo drivers don’t seem to be the problem they used to be. No, they’ve well and truly been replaced by VW Golfs – especially the silver ones! Don’t know what’s going on here, but if you want to find an impatient, pushy, lead-footed lunatic, look no further than your nearest silver Golf. (Actually, there’s one parks in the office car park, so I’d better cover myself by saying that it probably doesn’t apply to all silver golf drivers 😉

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  1. Haha! I know what you mean about the Volvos – I’ve had some close calls with a couple of them on my bike too! they seem to turn wide enough to take up 2 lanes and brake quite unexpectedly. I also remember muttering “f-ing volvo” under my helmet and wondering if i was turning into my father!

    …but, since we’re over generalising I’d like to suggest that young Holden drivers, of the Commodore kind, are by far more dangerous than anything else i’ve seen on the road.

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