google maps – zoomier than before?

Has Google Maps just added another feature? They used to come thick and fast – but almost always on a weekend.

Today I visited an old bookmark and found ‘We are sorry, but we don’t have imagery at this zoom level for this region.’, which was odd, because I know I had it at maximum zoom before. No, it seems like they’ve added two new levels of zoom to their imagery.

before and after the new zoom levelsThis thumbnail shows the swimming pool at Australia’s top secret Nuclear Facility. On the left is the old ‘zoom level 0’, on the right is the new ‘zoom level 1’ – there is no data available at the new level 0.

I still haven’t found an area in Australia supported by the new zoom levels – the ones in the US I’ve seen are eye-popping. I know there have been super high res areas before, but I’d be interested to hear if others are seeing this the same way I am.