apres cave

When you’ve ‘done’ with the caves at Buchan, what can you do? Well, there’s a very nice walk to a place called Granite Pools that’ll get your appetite up, but what do you do then?

Font of the Gods, Royal Cave, Buchan.Well, we’d done the tourist walk through Royal cave – quite spectacular and beautiful – and then a good long walk, so when we returned to our car to find a flyer under the windscreen wiper advertising a gourmet cafe, we felt obliged to give it a try.

the two fat ladies and herVery welcoming it was too, like a little bit of Brunswick Street in Buchan. Comfy chairs, eclectic decor, smooth jazz, enthusiastic staff and a tempting menu, The Two Fat Ladies and her delivered on most counts, though unfortunately the food wasn’t up to the promise of the name. It was good, but lacked finesse. Still, we enjoyed it thoroughly and this was only it’s third week in operation, so there’s plenty of potential for improvement. Definitely worth a visit.