the ring road

the italian ring roadWe have a ring road here in Melbourne, but it’s not much of a ring – more a half finished peanut shape, but it gets the job done I s’pose. Not like this one near Taranto in Italy, now this is what I call a ring road… it’s massive!

Actually, this whole area seems to be obsessed with circles and ellipses. There are circular lakes here, here, and a whole bunch of elliptical ones over here.

The circular road is some kind of a vehicle testing ground the Nardò, Proving Ground, (their site has a map explaining what each part of the facility does), but what’s the excuse for all the round lakes?

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  1. I noticed the taranto circle from a plane window returning to UK from a holiday in Greece.
    I have tried looking on maps to no avail, until i found it clear as day on google earth.
    Do you know for certain it is for vehicle testing. Looks a but too precice;y circular tp me
    I wondered about a particle accelerator or something of that ilk.

  2. Definitely a vehicle testing facility. I found their website once (and then promptly lost the URL – d’oh!). Found it! the post has been amended. As I remember, they do a lot of truck testing – not so much cars… and it was a parent company from another Euro country – possibly Germany… I’ll keep looking I also found the circle road on mapquest – marked as roads, so definitely not a particle accelerator!

    Special thanks to James from googlesightseeing who dug out one of my old submissions which had the URL that I’d lost.

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