google maps mania!

Up until now, pretty well all my googlemaps posts have been related to the cool things that turn up in the photos – I’m a very visually motivated person!

However, I’m also a web developer, so it hasn’t slipped my notice that google have created a very flexible API for people to hook other information into. The results are absolutely incredible, try these three as a starting point.

If you want to keep track of these amazing developments, check out this fantastic site, googlemapsmania which catalogues many of the best of these tools – known as ‘mash-ups’.

Edit: yoicks! they’ve linked back to me. That’ll give the stats a blip!!

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  1. tbrown: you are referring to the post about Australia’s Parliament House… the big white thing is the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain, and it’s a corker of a squirt! Here it is in Wikipedia.

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