again! – what’s this *again*?!

Australia\'s Parliament HouseOver at I think they must be getting sick of me. They posted Australia’s Parliament House, which, among others, I suggested. However, in the spotter credits they say “woowoowo (again!)”. What’s that all about?

Anyway, I’ll show them! While we’re in the Nation’s C we’ll stop by a few other sights:

But I think the real charm of Canberra on Googlemaps is how organised it all is – everywhere you look there are beautiful circles and angles and public spaces!

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  1. Great to see our Parliament. Do you have any links (perchance) to our Old Parliament House and the gazebo where our Federation of the Crown and the People was first ‘celebrated’?

  2. Bill Bryson is right: Canberra is a giant park with a city hidden in it 🙂

  3. Wasn’t the gazebo a temporary structure erected for the occasion? And yes, this is a terrific site. We’re lucky so much of the interesting parts of Oz are hi-res, excepting for some odd reason the postcard centre of Sydney.

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