alexander’s mixed message

a message stick, alexander downer, a usb drive and a Memory StickWhat was Australia’s illustrious Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer trying to say in parliament the other day? Apparently, a video of Douglas Wood and his Iraqi dissident captors was delivered to Australian officials by “message stick”. Does this implicate Australian Aboriginals in the sorry tale? (perhaps in retaliation for not saying sorry!), have the ancient ways of transmitting information become TCP/IP compliant? Certainly a challenge for hackers to crack that one!

Alas, I think not. I don’t even think he was referring to a Sony trademarked Memory Stick, but instead to a generic, USB flash drive. Seems the digital world is moving too fast for Al, so for his benefit (and any others for whom the confusion persists), I have prepared this small picture… on the left is a Message Stick of Central Australian origin. On the right are the Sony branded item and a generic Flash drive.

Oh, and that’s Alexander in the middle. As he seems to be losing his memory, I thought he’d appreciate a picture to help him remember who he is.