one wheel & madness

I was telling a story today when someone at the table said “that’s the sort of thing you should have on your blog!”, so I thought I’d better follow through with it.

I can’t remember why, but a while ago I found myself looking at a totally insane video on the interweb showing a couple of deranged frenchmen hurtling on their cycles down loose, stony hillsides and across logs and creeks. It would have been extreme stuff on mountain bikes – but these were UNICYCLES! That’s right – one wheel! It pushed the whole thing over the line into complete and utter madness.

Marcel et sons OrchestreAnyway, apart from a deep admiration for their complete disregard for life and limb, one of the videos had a wild, alt/french/ska soundtrack… a perfect match for the action. I followed the credit in the movie to the website and they are now my new favourite band! Marcel et son Orchestre – give them a try! I only understand the barest snips of their rapid fire french, but it’s so upbeat and infectious that it doesn’t matter at all. The only problem is buying it: I’ve only found the albums on

Sadly, it seems the website where I found the original video [] is no more, but!! magpie that I am, I must have decided to save a copy of the video. It’s a 3.1Mb wmv file (not my choice!). I hope they (Tom, Jeremy, Ludo and François) don’t mind me posting it here… let me know guys!

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  1. Dear Woo Woo Woo,
    One good site and a great shop when in France is FNAC:
    I’ve searched quickly and found 3 albums from the ska band.
    Hope this helps.
    Also i’m leaving for France in a week and a bit… I can’t promise i will drop by a music shop but if you want me to have a look just drop me an email.

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