mmm… chocolate!

mmmm chocolateI really pity people who, for allergy or other reasons, can’t eat chocolate. After a second or so I get over it!!

Last Sunday was cold and windy – good day to stay inside – but we hopped on our bikes and headed into the city to try out the latest Melbourne chocolate sensation.

Actually, it seems to be a Sydney import, so it’s at an immediate disadvantage, but I’ll admit Max Brenner is not too bad! They had just had a good review on TV, so they were frantically busy, but we enjoyed our hot chocolate in exotic flavours.

While on the topic, I have to put in a word for their direct competitors, Koko Black, a very much more ‘Melbourne’ shop and (I think) a cut above in quality. Koko Black doesn’t have the range of flashy flavours and snacks, but this is made up for by sheer class and flavour. Sitting above Royal Arcade, flicking through beautiful chocolate cookery books, sipping on their brew – you wouldn’t call the king your uncle!

Of course, when we just want great chocolate, we go for Haighs every time!