Ausweb ‘04

seaworld's polar bearJust spent four days in the warm at SeaWorld Nara Resort… business; not pleasure!… Ausweb ’04
Actually, it was pretty full-on… dawn to dusk activities and speakers, learned lots.

I also learned that SeaWorld Nara Resort has dreadful food! How can they get away with this? – a $25 buffet breakfast where they serve square, sliced, supermarket bread – and the cream for the pancakes is not real cream!!
The food we paid extra for was bad enough, but the catering for the conference was pathetic. Lunch was invariably dried out cocktail sandwiches (made from the same awful bread) and hot chips! – there’s a balanced diet for you!!

The staff were great, but I felt a bit sorry for them. I reckon the place is in $ trouble and management is turning the screws – every way you turned they wanted another dollar. Even the papers cost extra.

Anyway, the conference was great, the polar bear was beautiful, the resort sucks!