stop thief!!

my cool shoesDo you like my shoes? Ok, they’re … bright, but they’re comfy, waterproof and slip on easy, so they’re ideal for the beach. They’re even better for clambering over the rocks when I’m going snorkelling… which is what I did today.
I left them wedged between two rocks and they stood up as a bright marker for me to swim back to when I’d finished… perfect. Except that one time I looked up and they’d gone!
I couldn’t believe it, someone was walking around in a pair of hot orange shoes that LOOKED JUST LIKE MINE!! I swam ashore and shouted at her at which point she looked nonplussed, left them and walked away.
By the time I clambered to where she left them I’d cut my foot on the rocks… grr!
So, lots of my friends laughed at my shoes, but i like ’em and you can sure spot someone if they try to nick off with them.