yikes!! always check your gumboots!!

a huge bloody spider in my boot!I usually check my gumboots before I put them on. Certainly when I’m out in the bush or whatever, but we keep our gumboots upside down on a rack on our very suburban back deck – not exactly wild! So I didn’t check tonight. Shoved my bare feet in when I went down to visit the chooks – felt something but assumed it was just grass – got about half way to the chook pen when the signals coming from my toes were telling me things were not all well down there. Off comes the boot quick smart and I’m face to face with the biggest f***ing huntsman I’ve ever seen. Once the hysterical laughing stopped I got the camera and snapped her portrait before putting her back in the garden to go about her life. (I suspect she’s about to drop a thousand or so young ones!)

Did I tell you? Always check your gumboots!