woowoowoo posted a photo: Dali museum was interesting. Actually learned a fair bit about his recurrent symbolism, but more about his incredible business acumen. Amazed to find his commercial style production process means that you can still buy new, ‘original’ works at the gallery. For a tidy sum! via Flickr / woowoowoo

To market

woowoowoo posted a photo: The Barbès – Rochechouart market was quite chaotic. Stong arabic influence here. Full of vibrant produce and enthusiastic sellers! via Flickr / woowoowoo

Working out

woowoowoo posted a photo: I had to do something while I waited for Rachel to do a 10k run! Goats cheese and caramelised onion galette seemed like an appropriate way to spend the hour 🙂 via Flickr / woowoowoo


woowoowoo posted a photo: My mother’s favourite painter. I think he may be mine too. There is something truly amazong about the life he could bring to a portrait. To see a *real* one, up close… quite a privilege. via Flickr / woowoowoo