On the nose

Used to love a nice bit of Tasmanian salmon. There was a time when it seemed a pretty solid, and sustainable choice. I also knew how to cook it, and it was bloody delicious.

Salmon by David Pursehouse https://www.flickr.com/photos/mdid/3261992969/

And then, the problems started to surface. Pollutants in Macquarie Harbour, reports of fish in poor condition, question marks over the feed used. I stopped buying it around the same time as the ABC Four Corners episode Big Fish – not because of it, but it just confirmed my feelings.

Do I miss it? Absolutely! Every now and then I see someone eating it and remember just how great it was to cook with. Unfortunately, the controversy still rages, there have been fish kills, and a lack of agreement about the way back. Even goodfish.org says no.

Could its demise have been avoided? Maybe – we’ll never really know, but you could tell when its price was so low compared to other fish, that corners were being cut. And the popularity meant that supplying such a market would become unsustainable.

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