Net work

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Net work

The most remarkable (judging by conversations) aspect of the building seemed to be the nets. Presumably, they are to stop stressed Phd students ending it all spectacularly on the floor of the atrium. Unfortunately, I found they just ruined the idea of interior interior space entirely. Instead of a sense of air and freedom, you feel like so many sardines trapped by a trawler. It looks half arsed, dystopian, prisonlike, an afterthought to resolve the disjoint between an architects vision, and the real world. Did not like.

Oh, and as for safety. The net just screams out “CLIMB ME”. They say it’s not going to happen. I’m sorry, my tip is that there’ll be organised flag races before the first semester is up.

One thing I liked. The little study tables around the balcony (you can just see the corner of one on the left), they give a nod to the old style drafting table. Wood trim and green linoleum covering.

Last friday, staff were invited to inspect the new Faculty of Architecture building. It reeks of … architecture!

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