So, let me get this straight

Shane Warne has an argument with a cyclist. At a point during the argument, he drives forward and damages the bike (something he’s admitted!) so badly it can’t be ridden, he then leaves the scene without exchanging details and goes straight to twitter to put his version of the events. Meantime, the cyclist does the right thing and reports to the police, has photos taken for evidence and, I believe, has an independent witness statement supporting his version of events.

Warne has, at the very least committed traffic offences, could even be accused of assault, but uses his public profile to push blame onto everyone else – government, cyclists, not taking any responsibility himself.

What a nong! I know he’s loved for his sporting prowess and not his intellect, but this latest episode puts him firmly in the rarified company of other complete stooges, Rex Hunt and Sam Newman. Both had their rather unspectacular days in court, I hope Shane gets his!