google, short and sweet

Two google fanboy posts in one day! Still, they’re worth it 🙂

Google have just made their short URL generating service available through a public web interface. This is not that earth shattering, I’ve been using the service via the chrome extension and it’s worked well for some time now.

However, the excitement starts if you’re logged in to your google account, when it will present you a nice little history of your created URLs with click counts, and basic reporting, but the feature I love is the auto generated QR code!

you don’t even need to be logged in to access this information, they have created a neat URL based way of accessing it, so for this short URL:
there is an information page:
and a direct link to the QR code:

Not only that, but the API for the QR code generator appears to be open and usable by anyone who generates the request URL!