Code like it’s 1995!

Remember those sites that used to proudly pronounce that they were ‘Best viewed in Netscape 4 or above’, a practice we thankfully don’t see much of any more?
Well, today I had occasion to look something up on the Melbourne Bike Share website, and not being sure of the URL I ran it by Google with the following amusing result…

So, the service is “proudly supported by: This site is optimised for Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer…”, hmmm, presumably the letter B and the number 7 had a hand in it too!

Seriously though, it’s simply a warning for users of that outdated box of hammers that is IE6 to get with the program and upgrade. However, if it’s only meant for them, why are they broadcasting it to the world? Two words guys: Conditional Comments!

But why does it show up in the Google results this way? Because the supporters are represented by images WITH NO ALT TEXT! I’m sure they’d be delighted to know that!