Keep smiling – just in case!

If you’re hanging around the streets of Melbourne, keep a happy face on. I saw a car on Macarthur Avenue crossing Royal Parade yesterday, that looked very much like the Google Street View car that was seen in Geelong last year. Big thing of cameras and a little round GPS aerial on top of the roof rack.

I don’t think it was taking shots at the time, late in the day, the traffic was woeful and they were probably finished for the day, but it’s a reminder of that quote that Alan Funt used to use at the end of every show… something like: No matter where you are, or what you’re doing… smile, because you’re on Candid Camera!

2 replies on “Keep smiling – just in case!”

  1. Wait… the Google Maps car was in Geelong?? Do you have any more info about that??

  2. Funny, I read about it – I think it was a little article in the Geelong Advertiser a couple of months back – but now I can’t find it. Might have been a figment of my imagination… either that or the google guys were goofin’ off for a bit of surfing.

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