Terry chops!

Like a million others, I got a laugh out of ‘Will it blend?‘ – where everyday items meet their doom on the spinning blades. I’m sure I’m not alone, though, in wanting to give that guy a slap – his self satisfied demeanour and spotless lab coat… and let’s face it it’s still a ad for a kitchen appliance! puhleeez!!

Terry Chops!No, the new thing is far more primal and satisfying – Terry’s Chop Shop is the latest viral thing – destruction delivered in the best way possible… a mighty big sharp axe!

Terry’s first video was only posted in October last year and it was pretty ordinary. Amusing idea, but poor execution (scuse the pun) – according to the blog he got some help from his next door neighbour with production and editing (nice work too!). Bingo – internet gold. It has all the ingredients of viral fun: short, offbeat, subversive, well produced, and it has taken Terry from obscurity to legend in no time at all. His latest posting is of an ice cream ad he features in.

Even better – he’s an Aussie. Go Terry, you make us proud!