hot or not?

This week, I had occasion to play for a few minutes with the latest toy of technolusters – the Apple iTouch. Definitely one of the ‘must haves’ of the decade, obviously, if I lived in a location where the iPhone was available, then I’d probably graduate to lusting after that instead, but for now let’s just say I am smitten.

One of my colleagues at work has a Nokia N95 which has all sorts of fantastic whistles and bells – certainly more bang than the iTouch, and with GPS, the sort of thing I usually get all frothy at the mouth over, but it just doesn’t do it for me. The whole ugly slidy silver box thing is a bit off-putting.

Seems I am not alone. I laughed out loud at the b3ta newsletter this week (not unusual in itself), but this time I wasn’t laughing at the content – it was the subscription links that cracked me up.

iPod Touch:
Nokia n810:

In other words, Nokia users, nick off!