Sony Bravia goes stop motion

the sony bravia adWhen Sony released the now famous ad with the bouncy balls there was huge speculation about how they did it. Was it computer generated, was it faked – the discussion was quickly stopped as eye witness accounts told of the amazing photo shoot. The next ad was the exploding paint – again brilliant and memorable, but less of a mystery. Still interesting because of the logistics.

So, it must be a bit of a scary assignment coming up with the next ad. It’s a hard act to follow. Glad to report that they’ve done it again! The new Sony Bravia Play Doh ad is another masterpiece. I’ve just watched it again. Some of it looks like it’s been computer generated, but other parts look crisply real. The tradition of these ads is no computer special effects, so I’m inclined to think that’s been preserved.

Amazing work… can’t wait to hear how they pulled this off!

Didn’t have to wait long 🙂

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