Apple’s forgotten placeholder

lorem ipsum on the apple web siteShouldn’t laugh at the misfortune of others – however small – but Apple’s website is usually so perfect, everything in its place, that when there is a problem you’ve gotta make the most of it! In this case, the hoary old chestnut, the nemesis of graphic designers everywhere – forgotten placeholder text.

On the Australian store’s iPod Nano page, right down the bottom in small, pale text, is that old designer’s friend: Lorem Ipsum.

On the US site, this paragraph is used to run some copyright fluff about movies and iTunes so it’s just a little slip, but all the same, I’ll be interested to see how long it survives in this form.

2 replies on “Apple’s forgotten placeholder”

  1. i just took a look and it is there, not sure what the previous comment is about. or maybe they took it down then put it back up again? one thing i love about the apple site is how badly it breaks in IE Mac for me, and I don’t have any funky settings or anything, just the way it came.

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