If you haven’t stopped listening already…

… stop listening now!

I was nearly violent towards the TV tonight as John Howard weasled his way around Kerry O’Brien’s questions on the 7:30 Report. He is finished. They’ve had their chance and they are finished … and now it sounds like they’re manipulating Telstra’s broadband campaign to their own crafty political ends – makes me sick.

I won’t deny that the libs have kept the economy in reasonable economic shape, but that is, in the end, just sums – I’m sure the ALP have got a few people that can add up too. No, people have realised that money isn’t everything, on an evening where a corporate executive is awarded a sickening $33 million dollar bonus, folk are unanimous that a few dollars a week in the wallet is not what life is all about. We need leadership interested in more than the status quo. The libs have failed miserably on that one – please stop listening now!