never forget it’s your money…

As a postscript to our asian holiday, we’ve been replacing just about every credit/debit card we own (don’t even ask!). So, every couple of days a new envelope arrives from one bank or another.

Each new card is accompanied by a new PIN. For security reasons (and just plain common sense!), banks don’t send these out at the same time… well they’re not supposed to, but we’ve had three new cards from the Commonwealth bank in the last fortnight which have all arrived in the same post as the PIN envelopes.

I mentioned this to the person in the call centre when I activated the first card and was told that it was most unusual! The second time, I just rolled my eyes. The third time, I was really ticked off, so I rang them to complain and was met with a brick wall. I was told the only thing I could do was issue a formal written complaint. They didn’t really want to know.

We’ve got all our new cards now, so I’ll probably forget this little episode until next time it happens in the years to come. Grrr!

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  1. Find someone you know with Police Credit and you’ll never look back… Other than when you have to go into commonwealth two or three times to try repeatedly to close your accounts.

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