OpenOffice vs. Redmond on the buses

Interesting bit of dialogue here. A blog notes bus ads from Sun pushing by taking aim at Microsoft… Amusing enough in it’s own right, but…

…a Microsoft employee fires off a retort in her his blog with some taunts of her his (? gender assumption cleared up, thank you Sandy) own. Trouble is, the retort fails to defend any of the claims in the Sun ads and fails to target the direct opposition in this case, Open Office. Perhaps this implies acceptance of the facts.

She He even has a shot at Apple! … please! Lets hope she constructs better software than arguments. Though, history seems to suggest otherwise.

One reply on “OpenOffice vs. Redmond on the buses”

  1. Actually, my post wasn’t meant to be a defense. I think arguments around things like that will never get solved in a blog, so I didn’t bother. I’m not on the Office team (though I am a fan) so I am not the right person to defend. But Sun is a company that throws a lot of shots out there at a time when they haven’t been doing so hot. So, I thought I’d have a little fun right back at them. Plus, that wasn’t a shot at Apple. In fact, it was a compliment to Apple that Sun might be a relevant company if they had purchased Apple as Bill Joy suggested.

    And I am a dude. 🙂

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