Round-tripping geocodes from Flickr to Google Maps

I love Flickr. I love Google Maps. Like a lot of people, I’d like to combine my love for these two tools by accurately geocoding my photos and then being able to see where geocoded photos were actually taken. I was frustrated that all the tools to do this either required GPS equipped devices, or clunky and less than intuitive interfaces.

I also like bookmarklets. Little bits of JavaScript code that you can just click on to do things. So, I created these two bookmarklets that allow ’round-tripping’ of geocodes to and from Flickr and Google Maps. Hope you like them!

Use gmap2flickrtag to create a correctly formatted geocode that you can paste directly into a flick photo tag. First position the google map accurately by double clicking on the exact location (zooming in helps a lot!), then click the bookmarklet. The code appears in the google maps search field, ready for you to copy.

Use flickr2gmap when you are on a flickr photo page that has correctly formatted geotags (example). Clicking the bookmarklet opens google maps in a new window with a marker at the geotagged location. Note: the flickr tags must be correctly formatted – some people use “geo:long=” instead of the more widely used “geo:lon=“. This will not work.

Drag the links below to your bookmark bar (or your favourite place) to use them. (IE/win users might have to ‘right-click, save favourite…’).


tested and aparrently working in latest versions of:

  • Mac
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Camino
    • Opera
  • Windows
    • IE6
    • Firefox

Still to do

Within the constraints of a ‘bookmarklet’, I have deliberately kept these as simple and ‘single-purpose’ as possible. Maybe one day, I’ll consider expanding/combining these into a richer tool that:

  • provides some error handling (eg: for badly formed flickr tags)
  • allows user to specify maps or satellite
  • suggestions?

7 replies on “Round-tripping geocodes from Flickr to Google Maps”

  1. Hello ! Thanks for a great script, but it would be good to add “geotagged” tag to gmap2flickrtag.

    It’s easy to do, but some people doesn’t think that geotagged-tag is missing when they use this great tool. 🙂

    Best regards, Jukka

  2. Hey there,

    I think this bookmarklet could be interesting for you: it does some kind of the same like your gmap2flickrtag, but it is more convenient. When you are on a flickr page of a single photo you simply click the bookmarklet link and a google map is displayed next to the flickr photo. To find the place the photo refers to, a search form is provided. Try it out, it’s very useful! Geotagging only takes few mouseclicks and not a single page reload 🙂

  3. i use gmap2flickrtag for capture geocode for the target coodinate in the chinese google maps namely bendi. at bendi gmap2flickrtag is not working. alas, chinese google map is using different coding, because at japanese google map has no trable at all. so could you provide some hint or could you provide bookmarklet for bendi?

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