My little commute…

It hardly rates as a bicycle commute – only 6.5k and even while I was taking photos, only 20 minutes, but in response to a mild challenge from thingoid, I hereby offer my very modest commute.

Loaded and ready to roll

Sports gear, work stuff – quite a load today.

The hardest part

It’s not a big hill in the scheme of things, but it’s the first thing I see outside my gate and my legs are still stiff and cold, so it’s an abrupt wake up! Cracking morning eh?

Top of the street

Quiet this morning, but sometimes it’s impossible to cross and I take the footpath down to the lights – leads me onto a slightly different route.

The first bit of green

End of the street and the cricket field is looking good. Turning south now.

Through the park

This morning, I take the gravel path through the park.


Gotta slow right down to cross this nasty washaway!

Paved and curvy

The gravel gives way to a smooth and attractive concrete path. Good for rollerblading!

Leaving the park

As the path leaves the other side of the park, there are some really nice curves to swoosh around.


The path rejoins the road – right into the side of a parked car!

Inner city

Brunswick at it’s scruffy best.


On the Upfield bike path now – passing the Brunswick Baths, where some guy is removing graffiti. Just crappy tags – deserves to be removed.

More Graffiti

Further down, there’s some better graffiti, though still just glorified tags – it’s at least colourful.


Jewell Station, watch out for pedestrians… and the crazy guy with the forklift from the photocopier salvage yard on the left.

Brunswick Road

Press the button and wait – sometimes quite a while!

Royal Parade

Swinging into the top of Royal Parade and it’s bike lane as far as the eye can see.


Cars turning left into Cemetery Road are usually well behaved, but you’ve still gotta be on the ball.


The bike lane starts to fill up.

Another nasty merge

Cars joining from the left – the green painted bike lane has made a big difference to driver behaviour.

Nearly there

Just a little way now, always a real pleasure to coast down the hill past the row of waiting cars at the red light.

Tucked away

In the corner of the basement is the totally crappy bike rack where the trusty treadly spends the day.
Just over 20 minutes at a very leisurely pace – hardly qualifies as a commute!

Rinse and repeat!

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  1. Interesting photojournal, I think I’ll have to make one of those this Summer. I’m going to start bicycle-commuting on Monday if the weather is nice, and park the car for most days of the week. I only have a 6km round trip, unless I get groceries which more than doubles the journey.

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  3. OK, as promised: linked.

    Another tree-lined route in Melbourne. Nice clear photos there – and I’d expect nothing less. Did you really hold your SLR in one hand?

    All we need now is the “Choose Your Own Adventure” version!

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