Google gets organised…

Piece by clever piece, Google are putting together the bits I need to manage my life online. The latest addition is google calendar.

Nothing earth shattering here, just stuff that works the way you want it to. I exported my Oracle calendar appointments as an iCal file, it imported seamlessly into google and straight away alerted me about an appointment I should have been heading off to.

What else? Easy to add events – all the options you need. Great looking agenda tool. Lots of Ajax usability, drag and drop events – for a web app this is to calendars what gmail was for webmail – better than a desktop app! I see from the options screen that they are planning to provide SMS alerts, but it was disabled on my account at least.

With the usual Google API, it won’t be long before people with much more programming skill than I will be writing ‘synch’ tools for iSync and maybe even the corporate tools like Exchange and Oracle. I can’t wait!