Melbourne 2006 on Google Earth

It’s my first attempt at a Google Earth file, so I’m ready for criticism. All the same, I think it’s OK. Along the way, I learned how to make a network link, and how to draw a path, I’m sure that’ll be useful one day!

I’ve tried to cover as much as possible of the venues to be used in the Commonwealth Games starting here in Melbourne in just over a week. I’m also keen to hear any suggestions, and there are a few details I’d love to fill in, such as exactly where the Mountain Bike Trail is – even though the satellite image is only low res. So if you do download it – refresh it from time to time – there will hopefully be updates and I hope to add a few more flickr links to it.

Download The (unofficial) Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games kmz file now!

Oh, boy! I’ve been picked up by the Google Earth Blog!

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  1. Simple, yet elegant…. Have you noticed how there are no maps on the official Games site other than the race routes? Maybe this was an anti-terrorism measure…. better check you phone for funny clicking sounds 😉

    I’ll send you some icon tips.


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