another rant!

As a long time BigPond Cable subscriber, I’m used to receiving their self promotional emails. Usually shopping specials I’m not interested in and promotional guff about their content.

You see, they have quite a bit of video and music content, but I’ve never used any of that either. Not that I wouldn’t like to, some of the sport video I would love to see. No, the reason I haven’t used any of their content is because I have a Mac, and their system is only compatible with Windows, that’s it.

Maybe it was a bit of a hot night and I was feeling a little frayed already, but when the latest email arrived title “News from Group Managing Director BigPond” and was particularly buoyant about the new video offerings, and finished with: “Please feel free to email me here … Justin Milne, Group Managing Director”, well, I just couldn’t resist… so I wrote:

I am a long time BigPond Cable user – generally, I’m happy enough with the service. It’s had it’s ups and downs over the years – still too expensive, but I’ve stayed.

However, I find it really galling that you send self-congratulatory emails about your services, including “Online, on-demand TV”, when it has never (and seemingly will never) work on my computer, simply because I don’t have Windows.

There are hundreds of other video related sites around the internet that seem to have solved this problem, but it’s a solution that continues to evade your organisation.

Between this and your feeble music offering, I wonder if it’s a surprise to you that users still turn to what you would no doubt call piracy, when in many cases, it is simply people seeking what they cannot get through so-called ‘legitimate’ channels such as yours.

Wake up, Fix it!

If I keep ranting at people like this, will I get a reputation?

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