opening pandora’s box

Do you like music? Then you will love Pandora.

Visit the Pandora website – type something in: an artist name or song title and this site uses the collected wisdom of the Music Genome Project to serve up a stream of music related to your selection by an array of musical attributes – “genes”. The genes might be melody, rhythm, harmony, arrangment, you don’t have to worry about that. All that is important is that it quite unerringly serves up the ‘right’ music.

Your selection automatically creates a ‘station’ that you can edit, send to a friend – whatever. Here are a couple I’ve already tried: Hallelujah , Manu Chao and Nick Cave.

A great way to find new music that you’ve probably never heard before, but will almost certainly like!

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  1. Pandora is absolutely fantastic! I spent several hours yesterday morning just playing around with it, and every time the choices served up were absolutely spot on!!!

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